Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Math Work Stations

I don't know who loves math work stations more-me or my students! It is one of the few parts of our day that is actually going very smoothly. Here's what we're up to this week:

Station 1: Counting Game
(The kids count how many objects are on the picture card and match it to the corresponding number card. Each kid  in the partnership gets their own little baggie of picture and number cards to work with.)

Station 2: Apple in my Lunch Game
 (Kids roll a dice and place a cube on the apple that has that number. This game is from Mrs. Wills' Back to School Math Work Stations Pack-you can download it on TPT here. I have slightly adapted Deedee's awesome game, and give each kid  in the partnership a gameboard and whoever covers all of their apples first wins.)

Station 3:  Lego Spin and Graph
(Students spin the spinner and then color in what color lego they spun on the corresponding graph-download this free game here)

Station 4: Zoo Game
(Students roll a dice and then place that many zoo animals (actually erasers) on their math mat. Download the free math mat here)

Station 5: Race to Trace
(Student roll the dice and trace the number they rolled on their paper. Download this free game from Sharri Sloane here)

Station 6: Lacing Bead Patterns
(Students make patterns using the lacing beads Target was selling in the dollar spot this summer)

Station 7: More or Less Game
(Kids each take a picture card and count how many objects are in the picture. Then they spin the spinner to see if the kid with more or less in their picture wins the cards. This game is also from Mrs. Wills' Back to School Math Work Stations Pack-you can download it on TPT here)

Station 8: Lego Patterns
(Students pick a paper showing a lego pattern, copy the pattern using the legos, and then try to extend the pattern (actually I think these blocks are technically called Duplos). To download this free game click here)

Station 9: Pattern Block Exploration (Sorry-forgot to take a picture!)

Station 10: Making Numbers out of Wikki Stix (Again sorry-forgot to take a picture!)

I really like how much math practice my kindergarteners are getting each day as a result of the math stations-and they are working on reinforcing so many different math skills too! One thing I haven't decided yet is how often I will change the math station tubs out. Right now they are getting to do 2 math stations a day, so they get through all 10 in the course of a week. So I am thinking they should be able to go at least 2 or 3 weeks before I change them out. And I have also considered just changing the games slightly to make them more seasonal so the kids are working on the same skills but with different clipart or game pieces that will make it seem fresh. I really hate to take too much of my math time to teach them new stations (because it took forever to teach them these, model correct behavior with each game, etc.). Of course I'm sure that I'll always have a few math work stations that focus on whatever skills we're learning in our current math chapter and then the other stations will all be review.

I'd love to see what stations everyone else is doing for math (or for literacy!). Please share any ideas or tips you have!


  1. After all the work & studying & helpful blogs this summer, I find myself "swimming" in knowledge but not applying it. Thank you for this post & also for noting the source of your materials. I love hearing how many your students do per day/week. I'm eager to hear how often you & the others switch out the stations. Keep up the great work. There are many of us watching your fantastic modeling!

  2. I need you to be my mentor for math work stations............. I want/need to do them, but I have no idea how to teach the stations because I have to teach first grade AND second grade stations! And until that is done, I really can't get a lot of math instruction done..... ugh!! Math time is just a mess right now. Luckily the beginning of both groups' math books are SUPER easy review lessons so they don't need a lot of guidance. Ahh!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!