Sunday, February 5, 2012

Candy Heart Fun

Looking for some fun ways to use candy hearts? I picked up a small box of conversation hearts for each of my students so that they'll be able to do some fun learning activities with them and then have a sweet little snack.

One way we'll be using candy hearts this week is in our math stations. I'll let students use the hearts to practice nonstandard measurement. They'll get to practice measuring how long different objects are and how much they weigh using candy hearts (you could also use plastic hearts instead of the candy).

Here are some freebie recording sheets in case you're interested! My kinders will draw/write the object they are measuring on the left side of the chart and then record the object's length (or weight) on the right side of the chart. This will be their first experience using our balance scale-should be interesting!

We'll also being using our candy hearts for patterning and then sorting, counting, and graphing by color. I've been doing this activity for years, but love the cute recording sheets Erin from Eberhart's Explorers made. I also like the idea of letting students graph how many letters are in the "conversation" on each of their candy hearts and plan to use the cute recording sheet from First Grade Parade (she has a cute candy heart probability game too!).

I bought the candy hearts at Target (of course!) where they were $2 for a set of 8 boxes. Not sure if they have them cheaper somewhere else. I was happy to find that Brach's candy hearts have not been processed with peanuts, since I have a peanut allergy in my class, and it seems most other candy heart brands like Necco have a peanut warning on the label. I also found a few other cute things at Target.

These cupcake and dinosaur erasers will be great to use in some sort of center activity and the little grocery bags are going straight to my dramatic play area. My fave is the "I love my farmer's market" bag since I am planning to turn my dramatic play area into a farmer's market later this spring!

Can you believe it's already February? Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. So cute! I love the farmer's market idea too!I really wish I had a Target in my town - our closest one is an hour + away!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. I'm adding the weighing and measuring activity to my plans! Thank you!! Walgreens has mini erasers that look like the candy hearts--in case you'd rather use non edible items for weighing. :-)

    The cupcake erasers are too cute....ok, I'm heading to Target!

  3. I'm borrowing your measurement worksheet. I picked up a couple boxes of hearts a few days ago and this will be a perfect activity for them! Ps. new follower! :)


  4. Another great idea for conversation hearts is a bar graphing activity. Students sort the hearts by color and then color total on a bar graph.

  5. I love the idea of measuring with candy hearts! I am going to do this tomorrow!!!

    Apples and ABC's

  6. I used your candy heart weight sheet last week and my kids loved it. We did a whole rotation of measurement activities. Thanks for sharing. I gave you a little love in my post today. So check it out.