Sunday, September 9, 2012

Product Review

Today I'm reviewing a fun new product from Lakeshore: The Phonemic Awareness Plinko Game. My students and I tested out this game last week and had a blast!

It comes with a bag full of very durable wooden chips with pictures on them. Students take turns dropping a chip into the Plinko board, and depending on which box it lands in on the bottom of the board, you either say the beginning sound, ending sound, or a rhyming word. These are all very kindergarten appropriate skills!

Obviously, my students' favorite part was dropping the chips and watching them fall through the game board! Everyone wanted a turn!

We played the game together as a whole class since naming beginning sounds, ending sounds, and rhyming words is still a bit challenging for the beginning of kindergarten. I could see my students being able to play this game independently as a literacy center later in the school year though. I also think it would be a great idea to give your kiddos dry erase boards and have them try to write the beginning/ending letter when the chip falls into those parts of the game board.

Overall a fun game-thanks Lakeshore! If you would like to purchase this game or any other items from Lakeshore, they are currently offering a "Buy One, Get One 50%  Off" special:

One new item I am considering purchasing with that coupon is their alphabet picture stickers- I always make alphabet books with my struggling students to help them learn the letters in the alphabet, and these stickers would make that book-making process so much easier! And of course my fave Lakeshore product is my lowercase alphabet dough stampers- these are fabulous and have gotten tons of use in my classroom the last few years!

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