Saturday, October 1, 2011

Apple Themed Math Work Stations

My kindergarten students had a great time this week learning all about apples. We read countless apple books, learned how apples grow, graphed our favorite color apple, and even made applesauce. Of course we had to continue with the apple theme in our math work stations too!

Station 1: Apple tree counting mats
(Each counting mat has a different number on the apple basket. Students count out the right number of apples to put on the tree. I happened to have little apples from another game, but you could easily use red pom-poms for the apples. These mats can be downloaded for free from Kelly's Kindergarten-just scroll down the page until you see "apple counting" and click on it.)

Station 2: Roll an Apple Tree
(Students roll the dice and then color in an apple on the tree that shows that number. I'm using those little baskets I got over the summer in Target's dollar section as my dice containers-without the container the dice were all over the floor! You can download this game for free at Kindergarten Hoppenings along with some other awesome apple activities.)
Station 3: Share With the Bear
(Students roll the dice and trace the corresponding number on the sheet. This game is from Mrs. Wills' Apples Math Work Stations pack-click here to check it out. Lots of great apple math stations in this pack!)

Station 4: One Bad Apple Can Spoil the Bunch Game
(Students spin the spinner and color the corresponding picture on their graph. Students loved playing to find out which would win-the apple or the worm. This game is from Deanna Jump's Apples Math and Literacy Activities pack- click here to check it out.)

Station 5: Apple Counting Practice
(Students count how many seeds the apple has and match it up with the corresponding number card-I cut a slit on each apple card and inserted a paperclip so that the number cards could be easily attached. This game can be downloaded for free from Confessions of a Homeschooler along with some other great apple activities!)

Station 6: Spin a Shape
(Students use the 2 spinners to spin both a color and a shape, and then color in the shapes inside the apples on the corresponding game sheet. My students were amazed by the concept of a double spinner! This cute game is a part of the Apple Math Centers pack from Katie at Little Warriors- click here to check it out. This pack was well worth the money since it came with 4 awesome games my kinders have loved playing!)
Station 7: Apple Patterns
(I used our school's di-cut machine to cut out some different colors of apples. Students practiced making different patterns with the apples. Although it's not in the picture, my students used an apple pattern recording sheet to record the patterns they made. Musings of Me made a great (and free!) Apple Mini Unit which is where I got my apple pattern recording sheet.)

Station 8: Apple Math Mat
(Students take turns rolling the dice and using little red pom-poms to fill in that many apples on their apple math mat. The first student to fill up all the apples on their mat wins. You can download this free math mat from Making Learning Fun.) 
Station 9: Graphing Apple Colors
(Students spin and then record what color apple they got on the graphing sheet. This game is a part of the Apple Math Centers pack from Katie at Little Warriors- click here to check it out. The nice part about this game is that it comes with 3 different graphing sheets you can choose from for your students to record their spins.) 

Station 10: Apples Number Match
(Students take turns picking apple cards and clipping them under the corresponding number on their game board. There is also a corresponding student sheet for this game where they trace numbers and draw apples to match their gameboard-I didn't get a photo of it though. This game is a part of the Apple Math Centers pack from Katie at Little Warriors- click here to check it out.)

Station 11: Apple More or Less Game
(Students each pick a card, count how many apples are on the card, and then spin the spinner to see if the child with more or less apples gets to keep the cards.  This game is from Mrs. Wills' Apples Math Work Stations pack-click here to check it out. Mrs. Wills describes how the apple cards for this game can also be used for other fun math games.)

I'll probably never be organized enough to have all of my math stations match my weekly theme again-but it was a fun week of math stations! So fun in fact, that we'll be keeping the apple math stations for at least another week. I'd love to know how your math work stations are going!

Coming up tomorrow- a post on my stations work board and station organization....


  1. You are so sweet to mention my activities! I'm so glad your class liked them!

    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  2. Wow! It was so helpful to see all these great resources in one place! I just bought the packs from Mrs. Will's and Little Warriors but learned of some new ones here!


    The Kinder Kid