Sunday, October 30, 2011

More October Math Stations

I know I shared some of my math stations earlier in the month, but....October is a long month! are some of the math stations my kindergarten students worked on last week. More pumpkins, bats, and monsters too!
Station 1: Pumpkin Patch
(Students roll the dice, and then cover up that many pumpkins on their math mat. First one to cover up all the pumpkins in their pumpkin patch wins. I used some orange bingo chips I happened to have, but you could also use little orange pom-poms or pumpkin erasers with this game. This darling free game is from Musings of Me-and she has tons of other terrific pumpkin math activities too!)

Station 2: Pumpkin Seed Counting Book
(My students loved reading this fun pumpkin counting book and coloring in the correct number of pumpkin seeds on the 10 frame on each page. Great for number review and reading practice! This fantastic and free book is from Fran at Kindergarten Crayons.)

Station 3: Spooky Numbers 1-12
(My students had already played the easier version of this game a few weeks ago, so I decided to let them all try out the harder version that goes all the way up to 12 (instead of 6). They loved it-and of course they all though they were so smart to be playing the harder game! They roll a 12-sided dice and trace the number they roll.  This game is from Mrs. Wills' Halloween Math Work Stations Pack.)

Station 4: Gone Batty
(Students take turns picking a card and counting how many moons are on the card. They then cover up the corresponding number on their game board with a bat eraser. Students especially loved when they got the special "gone batty" card that let them pick any number to cover up. This fun game is from Miss Kindergarten's set of Gone Batty Math Games-there are several different game boards and cards included to make this game more challenging.)

Station 5: Halloween More or Less Game
(Students each take a card and count how many pictures are on it. Then they spin the spinner and see if the person with more or less on their card gets to keep the cards. This was perfect because we have been learning about more or less in our math book this month! This cute game is from Mrs. Wills' Halloween Math Work Stations pack.)

Station 6: Halloween Eraser Patterns
(Students use all of those bat, ghost, and pumpkin erasers I got at Target to complete the pattern on their paper. Some of the patterns are very simple and others are a bit tricky-so  great way to differentiate! These fabulous and free pattern pages are from Nicole at The Kinder Kid.)

Station 7: How Many Pumpkins in the Pumpkin Patch?
Students choose a number card to clip to the top of their math mat, and then count out that many pumpkins to put in the pumpkin patch. I used pumpkin erasers but you could also use paper pumpkins. This awesome free game is from Confessions of a Homeschooler-and she has tons of other great pumpkin activities too! )

Station 8: Measure the Monsters
(Students measure the monsters with unifix cubes and then color in how many cubes tall each monster was on their paper. We haven't worked much on measurement yet, but the kids loved this! This game is from Mrs. Lee's Monster Madness Unit.)

Station 9: Monster Number Roll
(Students roll the dice and color in a monster on their paper with that number. Simple and fun! This game is from Mrs. Lee's Monster Madness Unit.)

Thank you to all of the fantastic bloggers who created these games-my students and I are thankful for your creativity-it sure is making math fun this year! Now I just need to prep some stations for November!


  1. YAY! I love seeing my game in your classroom! Certainly makes all the hard work creating them worth it! Thanks for sharing it on your blog and I'm glad your students liked the "batty" cards! :)

    Miss Kindergarten
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  2. I am so glad your little ones are having fun with my pumpkin book. It is so much fun to see them working on it. My class would get such a kick out of that! Thanks for the photo. Now I better move on to Turkey Day!

  3. I love your blog! I'm giving you the blog on fire award - come on over to check it out!