Friday, July 22, 2011

Decorating My Library: Target Style

I think I have the organization under control in my classroom library. I've got plenty of shelves, colorful little baskets, and labels. However, since I'm moving into a new classroom this year, I'd really like to spruce up the decor in my library. That's where Target comes in!

I found Corduroy on sale in the clearance section for $6.99. I will definitely be adding him to my growing collection of storybook characters that I use to decorate my library shelves.

I absolutely love the classroom library pic posted on Kindergarten Kindergarten's blog, and have been wanting wooden letters to spell the word "READ" on the wall in my classroom library. 

I lucked out and found these fabulous letters in the dollar spot (of course they were $2.50 each instead of a dollar-I always gravitate to the most expensive things in that "dollar" spot!). I hesitated to even share this find since I couldn't find all the letters I needed at my Target and had to beg my mom to track down the letter "E" at her Target (which she did!). You know you're a Target addict when you begin involving family members!

My final find at Target this week was a bit pricey (if I remember correctly it cost $20). I bought these wall stickers that you can stick on your wall to make a tree (the stickers also peel back off). I just had to have this though! How cute is that tree?!

Now, I did manage to show some restraint at Target this week. I desperately wanted to buy some of the dorm furniture they had on sale to put in my classroom library (such darling little storage cube benches and corduroy dish chairs!). I might cave in and go back for some of it next week...

Now head on over to Hadar's blog, Target Treasures, to link up for Fab Find's Friday. Hadar is so nice to have featured some of my Target finds on her post today!


  1. Ugh! I'm like Hadar, fixing to go on a vacation and won't be able to go to Target! Great finds!

    I wrote a letter to you for Clutter Free Classroom's Linky Party! I'm so glad you found me.

    The Kinder Kid

  2. I see that we are in the same city. Which Target did you find all of these items?

  3. You just got me in the mood for some Target shopping! Very cute ideas with hanging the letters R E A D.

  4. I LOVE the tree sticker!!! so cool!! thanks for linking up again! :) love seeing your finds!

    Miss Kindergarten
    Target Treasures

  5. Kisha-I've probably visited every Target in our area at some point or another ;) I usually go to the Brentwood one though (which has one of my other favorite stores-Trader Joe's-right across from it)

  6. I absolutely LOVE the tree sticker! I'm going to have to go get myself one!


  7. What an organized library! It is very inspirational! In the 3 years of teaching, the library was always my favorite. If I get bored my two children and I hit the thrift stores in search for cheap books for my library. I love the READ letters!