Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Crafts!

I have just had a weekend full of crafts! I did not stop after making the tissue paper flowers and the paper lantern caterpillar yesterday...I just kept going! I've finally gotten around to making several of the cute things I found on Pinterest and I'm very excited to get these crafts into my classroom to start decorating!

The most time consuming craft I did involved spray paint. I have been seeing this craft all over the internet lately and just had to give it a try. I spray painted several jars and they turned out great!

Here are my spray painting tips:
1. Spray paint outside (the fumes are terrible-you will probably want a mask too-I wish I'd had one!)
2. Lay down lots of newspaper- more than you think you'll need (the spray paint goes everywhere!)
3. Be patient- do many light coats and let the paint dry between coats (if you spray on too much paint you get drips!)

I'm going to bring some in to school to put on my desk to organize my supplies. I'm also going to keep some of the jars at home and plant flowers in them- I think they will look lovely on my kitchen windowsill. I think I might even spray paint a few more jars, but this time try spraying the inside of the jars so they look more glossy.

I had never used spray paint before...but I'm afraid that I'm addicted now! It's amazing how easily a coat of paint transforms something (okay, more like 5 coats of paint, but still!). I'm on the lookout for other things I can spray paint now since I have so much left over paint. Any ideas for me? Has anyone ever spray painted something really say a beat-up old bookcase with chipped paint that looks terrible in their classroom (I might just have a few of these...).

Here's a sneak peek at my next craft...

I bought this huge stack of scrapbook paper at Michaels. I lucked out and was able to use a half off coupon so it was only $10 instead of $20. My plan is to run up to school tomorrow and use the die-cut machine on this scrapbook paper to cut out the entire alphabet A-Z. Then, I want to string it together to make a garland like this fantastic one I found here.

Wouldn't this look amazing hung on one of the walls in my classroom? I know mine won't look exactly the same-but hopefully it is similar. I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Very cute jars. I've never spray painted either. Do I just go to the local hardware store and buy "spray paint" or is it called something else? Very naive on the topic :)

  2. A big YES to that alphabet garland. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

    The Kinder Kid

  3. Pamela- I used Krylon brand spray paint in the gloss finish. It comes in lots of really cute colors. I bought it for around $3 at Walmart but I think they sell it lots of places.

  4. So, I went in to school today to cut the letters-but I had forgotten we have 2 sizes of die-cuts. I can't decide if I should make it with the small bulletin board size letters, or make it with the really big letters (that are the size of a sheet of notebook paper). I might have to put this project off until I can decide the exact spot I'm going to hang it and how much room there is for the letters.