Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Day After Halloween...

Wow-so glad it will be several years before Halloween is on a Monday again!! My students were wild yesterday-they'd clearly been up late the night before trick or treating and then eating tons of candy! I'm pretty sure that all they could think about was their Halloween we went with that!

 Two of my favorite books about Halloween candy are Harriet's Halloween Candy (Nancy Carlson's Neighborhood) and Julius's Candy Corn which is from Kevin's Henkes' set called: A Box of Treats: Five Little Picture Books about Lilly and Her Friends.

The kids really loved both of these books. Kevin Henkes' book about Julius is very simple-but has a great storyline about the little mouse stealing candy corn off the tops off all his mom's Halloween cupcakes. Harriet's Halloween Candy is about a dog that learns the hard way it is better to share Halloween candy than eat it all yourself!

Later, during math time, we made a candy graph. I had asked them all to bring in the wrapper from their favorite piece of Halloween candy, which we used for our graph. We decided to sort the candy wrappers by "chocolate candy" vs. "other candy" - but you could sort and graph candy tons of other ways as well. In fact, sorting candy is a math activity that kindergarteners LOVE! Since not everyone remembered to bring in a candy wrapper, we will keep adding to the graph today as more kids bring the wrappers in. It will give us some additional time to talk about the graph, which candy more students liked, which less students liked, how many liked chocolate candy, how many more like other candy, etc.

Hope you all survived the day after Halloween-and hopefully today will be much calmer!

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  1. I love Kevin Henkes' books! I'm def putting this on my list for next year. The last two days have been hard, but the weather has helped; outdoor recess--hurray!

    We also made a candy graph. We placed 12 wrappers in boxes on a chart. Everyone could vote for each candy, whatever candy was an "I like that one!". No candy received less than 80% of the class vote! Sugar...yum!