Tuesday, November 29, 2011

December Math Stations

We are sooo ready for December in my classroom! Here's what we're up to during math work station time this week. These stations should keep us busy until winter break starts in a little over 2 weeks (so soon!).

Our current math chapter focuses on geometry concepts (2D shapes, 3D shapes, symmetry, etc.). so I decided to have half of our stations focus on geometry skills so they would reinforce our new learning. The rest of the stations review other skills like number recognition, counting, graphing, and simple addition.

Station 1: Roll a Christmas Tree
(Students roll a 12-sided die and use a mini pom-pom to cover up that number on their Christmas tree. Students could also roll 2 regular dice and cover up the sum. This super cute and free game is from First Grader...at Last!)

Station 2: Spin a 3D Shape
(Students spin a 3D shape on the spinner, name the shape, and then move to the next square on the game board that shows an object with that 3D shape. This game was actually a page in our kindergarten Harcourt math workbook-and I just tore it out, mounted it on a piece of tagboard, and laminated it.)

Station 3: Penguin Cover-up
(Students roll 2 dice and cover up the sum on their penguin game board. First player to cover-up all their penguins wins. This game can be downloaded for free from my TPT store.)

Station 4: Sorting 3D Shapes
(Student sort the photos by 3D shape. I bought this game from Montessori for Everyone, but then I recently found a similar but free game at Kindergarten Rhode. Both games give great sorting practice with geometric solids.)

Station 5: Gingerbread 10 Frames
(Students match up ten frames to their corresponding numbers on these cute gingerbread cards. The game also has a recording sheet, which I copied back-to-back with the ten frames 1-5 on the front and 6-10 on the back. This fabulous free game is from Live Love Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten.)

Station 6: Pattern Blocks
(Students use one of the pattern block templates I have to build a picture. Then they use the recording sheet to write down how many of each shape they used to build their picture. This great recording sheet is a freebie from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten.)

Station 7: Christmas Cookies! Numbers 0-9, Addition, and Subtraction Board Game
(Students take turns picking a game card and moving their game peice that many spots on the game board. Oh my- this game board is beyond cute-such darling little gumdrops and candies! This game is from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten. Game cards are also included for addition and subtraction facts, so this game can be easily differentiated too!)

Station 8: Spin a Snow Bird
(Students take turns spinning the spinner and recording on their graph what color bird they spun. This game is from my Winter Math Game Pack.)

Station 9: Mitten Shapes
(Students take turns spinning the spinner, telling their partner what shape they spun, and covering up the mitten on their game board that shows that shape. First student to cover up all their mittens with "snowballs" (cotton balls) wins. This game is from my Winter Math Game Pack.)

Station 10: Sorting Attrilinks (2D Shapes)
(Students sorted attrilinks by different attributes-like shape, size, and color. Attrilinks are definitely one of my favorite math manipulatives! The sorting cards you see in the photo are a freebie from Froggy Friends Fun.)

I'd love to hear how math stations are going in your classroom. Any fun ideas to keep the kids focused as the holidays approach? 


  1. Yay, thanks for sharing these cute stations!! I just recently started switching mine out from my originals..... yikes. One boy who was missing on switch-out day has been losing it every day when he realizes that his favorite stations are suddenly gone.

    Just yesterday I started having the kids pick their own partners and pick their own stations. I mainly did this because I was sick of writing the schedule on the board and everyone would ask to go to specific stations anyway. I still indicate when they need to move on. It is working strangely well. They use rock-paper-scissors to determine who gets a station if two groups want it, and I have only had one person report to me that the other group wouldn't leave after they won rock-paper-scissors, haha! But I am pretty thrilled about that!!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Cute ideas!!! I want to be in your class! And teach kindergarten! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. Great stations! Thank you so much for sharing because I know this takes time to post. I hope your students love these!

  4. Meredith! I miss you and your blog. I hope everything is going well!!!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!