Saturday, November 12, 2011

November Math Stations

I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving! Here are some of the math work stations we've been doing so far this month. Lots of turkey fun!

Station 1: Rake, Rattle, and Roll
(Students roll two dice, add the numbers together, and use a cube to cover-up the corresponding acorn on their side of the game board. This super cute game is from Miss Kindergarten's November Games and Centers.)

Station 2: Turkey Feather Counting
(For this game I wrote numbers on foam turkey cut-outs I found at Target last month. Students count out the right number of feathers to place on each turkey.)

Station 3: Turkey Roll, Count, Write!
(Students roll the dice and count how many turkeys they rolled. Then they write that number on the recording sheet. This game is from Growing Kinders' Let's Talk Turkey Pack. I love how she made one version of the game for the numbers 1-6 and another for the numbers 7-12. Makes it very easy to differentiate!)

Station 4: Thanksgiving Bingo
(Students roll a die that I made by writing the numbers 1-4 on a foam cube from Dollar Tree. Then they cover up a square on their bingo board that shows that many items. Ok, I have to admit, this is not really the way the game is supposed to be played-but I still have kiddos that need to work on very basic skills like recognizing numbers 1-5. Miss Kindergarten made this darling game and has a set of bingo cards you can use with it to call out the items on the bingo boards-which would also make for a great game. It is a part of her November Games and Centers.)

Station 5: Turkey More or Less Game
(Students each pick a number card and count out that many cubes. Then they place their cubes on the "more or less mat" to help them compare who has more and who has less. Finally students spin the spinner to see if the student with more or less wins the cards. I loved how the math mat and use of cubes really helped some of my struggling students understand the concept of more/less. This fabulous and free game is from Fran at Kindergarten Crayons.)

Station 6: Roll, Count, and Color
(Students roll the die and color in the turkey on their paper that shows that many dots. This game is from Growing Kinders' Let's Talk Turkey Pack. I think my kiddos have probably played every game in this great pack by now-they are all very kinder friendly!)

Station 7: Thanksgiving Measurement
(Students measure different Thanksgiving foods using both cubes and links. Then they record how long the foods were on the recording sheet.  It is great measuring practice and also fun for the kids. I really liked how they got practice measuring using two different manipulatives. This game is from Growing Kinders' Let's Talk Turkey Pack.)

Station 8: Turkey Cover-up
(Students roll a die and cover up that many turkeys on their game board with counters. You could differentiate by having students use two dice and add the numbers together and then cover up the sum. You could also have students use a die with bigger numbers. Simple but fun! This free game is from Making Learning Fun-they recommend using corn to"feed" (cover-up) the turkeys-very cute!)

Station 9: Thanksgiving Themed Number Matching
(Students match number cards with picture cards showing that many items. The game has numbers 1-20, so it can easily be differentiated depending on if students are ready to work with bigger numbers or not. The game also has number words if you want to use them. This game if from Julie Lee's November Small Group Intervention Pack.)

Station 10: Rolling for Dinner
(Students roll a 12-sided die and color in a Thanksgiving food on their paper that shows that number. Students can also roll two dice and cover-up the sum. This game is from Growing Kinders' Let's Talk Turkey Pack.)

These math stations have provided great practice at some of the skills from our current math chapter which focuses on the numbers 6-10. Next week we are moving on to a new chapter in our math book which focuses on shapes-so I'll have to dig through my files to see what math stations I can use to support that! Hope your math stations are going well-I'd love to hear what your students are up to!


  1. LOVE!!! I love the idea for the bingo game! Thanks for sharing that! I am emailing you right now!

  2. I just love looking at other people's centers and seeing how we all are doing the same thing. It's fun to get a new idea or new manipulative to use! Love the idea about using corn to feed them. My husband is a farmer, so he could stock me quite well with corn at the centers. Thanks for the great pictures, too.

  3. Your centers look terrific! Thanks for sharing the source wish list is growing.

    I've been collecting gingerbread ideas left and right. I hope we can get together soon and talk! Happy Thanksgiving!