Monday, January 9, 2012

Dollar Spot Deals!

If it costs a dollar...and they sell it at Target...then I just have to have it. Seriously-I cannot walk past that dollar section without putting at least one thing in my cart! They MUST have a teacher working for them developing these products-and I must be their targeted demographic because I just love the cute things I find there. Check out what I have found in the last few weeks (yes, I have some restraint, these items were bought on 2 separate trips!)

I just cannot resist cute little felt play food. I have even tried making my own (of course I can't sew so I have to use glue). These adorable little cake slices and cupcakes are sold in 2-packs and you can also find the little felt baskets in the dollar spot too. You absolutely must head over to Pre-K Pages to check out the cute printables Vanessa has made to go with these cakes to help you turn your dramatic play area into a bakery-I am SO doing this next month around Valentine's Day.)

Just when I thought nothing could be cuter than those cupcakes... Sushi! Oh my-now do I have to have my kinders create a sushi restaurant in the dramatic play area too?

So much cute stuff for Valentine's Day! Foam hearts, little plastic heart boxes, and heart mini clothes-pins. There were so many valentine items in the bins I could hardly decide what to get. I will be working on finding ways to transform these items into math and literacy center activities!

I have an owl obsession so I could not pass on this cute little owl bag and the little owl post-it notes.

So many erasers! There were more but I just had to say no! 5 packs is enough for one teacher...I think. I am going to use the fruit, veggies, and sweets to have my kinders sort healthy/non-healthy foods. Karen at PreKinders made a great freebie sorting page for these erasers. I think it would be a great activity next month when we are studying dental health and learning about what foods are healthy for our teeth. I am saving those apple erasers for next fall when we study apples. And the last eraser pack has polar animals (penguins, seals, etc.) so I need to find something to do with those asap!

Ok, this is a terrible photo, but this is my favorite Target find. They have been selling these little metal mailboxes at Target each winter for several years now, and 3 years ago I bought a class set. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! If you see these at your Target you have to snatch them up for your class. I store all my little mailboxes in a big tub in my closet and then I put them out every February when I introduce letter writing and we have our mail theme. We have a little class post office and I tape each kid's name onto one of these mailboxes so they can write each other mail. We then keep our mail station running for the rest of the school year and it is SO much fun! I will take pics in a few weeks when I set it up for this year. It really looks cute and the kids love it.

I know I should ask if you have found any awesome deals lately...but I just don't want to know. I don't have the budget for any more Target purchases this month. Tell me next month!


  1. I bought some Valentine's erasers from the Dollar Spot the other day but I didn't see any of the ones you got!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea about the class post office! I am going to try really hard NOT to go buy a bunch of those little mailboxes... thanks a lot Meredith! Haha!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Meredith, What section are the metal mailboxes in? I LOVE the way you use them! So brilliant!

  3. Jill-with a small class like yours you could totally afford the mailboxes...imagine how many I have since I have always taught 2 classes of halfday kinder in the past! I have a Target problem!

    Camille-the mailboxes are in the dollar spot at the front of the store with all the other dollar stuff. They sell them in a few different colors too-red, pink, turquoise, and white.

  4. I have some of the stuff from my last Target splurge over break. I thought about going this past weekend. It looks like I need to head there soon!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I got lots of cute stuff from there too! I love your idea with the mailboxes! Too cute!!
    Kindergarten Korner

  6. OMG! I am running...okay, driving to TARGET tomorrow. I want the sushi. I would go great for my math center I created. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure the Dollar spot was created for teachers.

  7. Must go to Target!
    Love that you have a class set of the mailboxes!!! I would LOVE to be a kiddo in your class!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher