Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope 2012 brings you all much happiness - both in the classroom and out. I had a great time celebrating last night-and so did my pup (yes-he was rewarded with treats for taking this photo).

Here's a little freebie for you to start the year out. Students each take a Hedgehog Cover-up number strip, roll 2 dice, and cover-up the hedgehog with the corresponding sum. First one to cover-up all their hedgehogs wins.

I'll be adding this game to my math stations on Tuesday...only 1 day of vacation left. Enjoy what you have left of your winter break!


  1. OH gosh- have you made my night.
    We go back for staff development tomorrow morning (ugh) but that little pup and those sweet little hedgies made me smile! I LOVE hedgehogs... I should totally make a unit out of them! :)

    The Kinder Kid

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment Nicole-you've inspired me to try to create some more hedgehog stuff!