Friday, January 6, 2012

January Math Stations

Now that we have been back at school for 4 feels like it has been forever since the holiday break! We kicked off our week with some new math work stations for the new month. These stations cover a wide range of skills, including: number recognition, counting, comparing numbers, number order, measuring, addition, and telling time. Most of the activities have a wintry snow theme, though thankfully it was 70 and sunny in St. Louis today. I'm sure the snow will arrive eventually!

Station 1: Frosty Numbers
(Students roll a 12-sided die and trace the number they rolled on their sheet. My students love this game, and Mrs. Wills offers several different variations of it as a part of her Snowman Math Work Stations.)

Station 2: Hedgehog Cover-up
(Students roll 2 dice and cover up the sum on their hedgehog game board. First player to cover-up all their hedgehogs wins. This freebie of mine can be downloaded here.)

Station 3: Winter Friends Board Game
(Students take turns picking a number card and moving that many spaces on the gameboard. I sure wish I could make darling gameboards like the fabulous Mrs. Wills-this cute game can be found here, and even comes with addition and subtraction cards if you want to make the game more challenging.)

Station 4: Mitten Cover-up
(Students take turns rolling the die and covering up that many mittens on their gameboard. This game was perfect since we read The Mitten this week and were doing lots of mitten themed activities. You can find this free mitten math mat from Marcia's Lesson Links here)

Station 5: What Time is it Mr. Snowman?
(Students take turns picking a snowman card and seeing what time it says on the snowman. Students then cover-up the corresponding clock on their game board. Students can either play until their whole game board is filled or until they cover-up a complete row (like Bingo). This game is from my Winter Math Stations Pack.)

Station 6: Measuring Hedgehogs
(Students measure different sized hedgehogs with a math manipulative of their choice (I let them pick from links, unifix cubes, and square tiles) and then record each hedgehog's length on the recording sheet. This freebie of mine can be downloaded here.)

Station 7: Hot Cocoa Missing Number Game, 0-10
(Students spin the spinner and then record the number they spun on one of the marshmallows on the game board using a dry erase marker. This game was tricky for my kinders since they had to think about number order, and if the number they spun would belong on any of the blank marshmallows. I loved the challenge it gave them! This game from Growing Kinders can be found here, and she also offers a teen number version.)

Station 8: Snow-themed Compare Numbers Game
(Students each pick a card and then spin the spinner to see if the player with more or less gets to keep the cards. I love how Mrs. Wills included game cards with numbers, number words, sets of objects, ten frames, and even tally marks to get students thinking about numbers and counting in lots of different ways. You can find this game in her Snowman Math Work Stations.)

Station 9: Winter Number Match
(Students take turn spinning a number on the spinner and then covering up the corresponding square on their game board that shows that number of objects. I have my students use the appropriate magnetic number to cover up the squares on their game board, but you could really use any manipulative or a bingo chip. This game is from my Winter Math Stations Pack.)

Station 10: Hot Chocolate Number Game
(Oh no! How did I not get a picture of this station? Oh well, maybe I can add one into this post on Monday. Students matched up cute hot chocolate mug cards that had number words, numerals, and ten frames. Great number practice! This fun freebie from Growing Kinders can be found here and she offers suggestions for several different games that can be played using her darling number cards.)

I'd love to hear what your students are up to during math time this month. I know these stations will not last me all month and I'll need some fresh ideas for the end of January!


  1. I'm your newest follower. Your blog is awesome! I'm so glad to have stumbled across it!

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  2. wonderful, fun math station ideas. I love them.

  3. I love your post Meredith! Pics and links are the best to me because you can see what others are doing and then go to the place they got the idea/packet from. Thanks! I start back on Monday and need to get a new post up. We will be reviewing numbers 11-20 and starting shapes. Not to mention weather/winter/seasons! No rest for the life of a teacher!

  4. I've just stumbled across your blog and am loving it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I love the Hedgehog activities that you have on TpT! They are so cute and will go along with what I am doing next week. Thanks!