Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter Art Projects

My class has recently done two cute winter art projects I thought I'd share. I found the first one through Pinterest (it was originally posted here). It is a darling little penguin wearing earmuffs and a scarf.

The craft didn't come with directions so I had to make my own template first. We made this TLC art style, so everything pretty much started out as a rectangle and the kids got lots of cutting practice. I precut large black and white rectangles which the kids cut the top corners off and rounded to make the penguin's body. They folded a white rectangle in half to make two squares and then cut off all 4 corners and rounded it out to make the 2 eyes (similar process for the earmuff circles). We folded an orange rectangle in half and cut a v-shape to make the beak, and used the same process to make the wings. I precut some extra ribbon I had for the scarves which the kids then glued on. They used a black crayon to finish the eyes and earmuffs. I think the fun colors for the background paper and the earmuffs make them super cute!

We also made snowglobes with a snowman inside. I found this craft a few years ago on a teacher's website and cannot seem to remember now which website. For this craft, the kids basically look at my sample and assemble it themselves. I have several of the pieces precut for them (if your school has different sized circle di-cuts then this is very quick and easy to get ready!). I let the kids pick out ribbon for the snowman's scarf, and any buttons they want to glue onto their snowman. We use mini popsicle sticks for the snowman's arms. The kids LOVE to use a glitter pen to smear glitter glue ALL over the snowglobe.

I'm not sure if you can see them in the photo very well, but we also cut snowflakes out of coffee filters and hung them up on the wall with our snowglobes. My favorite part about these crafts...they aren't holiday themed, but rather just winter themed and can stay up all month!