Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sight Word Practice

Before I had teaching blogs and Pinterest to give me 101 classroom ideas...I have to admit that not all of my literacy center ideas were cute. I mean, this is before I even knew you could buy clipart...scary, I know!

So, this is the type of thing my kinders would find at our word work center:

Yes, it is as simple as the directions look. I put this sheet in a plastic tub with a magnetic dry erase board, a dry erase marker and eraser, a ziploc bag of magnetic letters, and a ziploc bag of notecards with sight words written on them.

Then, students would pick a sight word card out of the bag and follow the directions on the paper. For example, if they picked the word "the" they would then take the letters "t" "h" and "e" out of the bag of magnetic letters and do these steps on their magnetic dry erase board:

1. mix the letters "t" "h" and "e" up
2. make the word "the" from the magnetic letters
3. mix the letters again
4. make the word "the" again
5. use the dry erase marker to practice writing the word "the"

Then they would pick a new sight word card and repeat all over again for the new word. Really, it was that easy! Of course, now my students expect elaborate and creative games with darling little pictures all over them to match the current season...but sometimes I still make them play this game anyway!


  1. Simple but good practice and reinforcement for our little ones! Thanks for sharing!

    ❤Mrs. McKown
    Little Literacy Learners

  2. I love your blog! I nominated it for an award, hop over and read all about it!


    Michelle from Apples and ABCs

  3. Love it! :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes! Not everything has to come with cute fonts and take lots of copy paper!
    I am trying to remember this myself. I have a hard time resisting all of the adorable graphics and thematic ideas. I do love cute! What I should try to do is look at the skill behind the activity and try to create it in a non-paper way. Not all the time of course. Some boring practice of skills is more fun if it is cute!!!! For me and my students.

    I love your activity. When I trained and taught Reading Recovery, we called it "making and breaking" and it is very powerful. I am going to create a set for my sight words and use it with my low kids who have trouble remembering them.

    Thanks so much for your post!