Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Target

Dear Target,
Enough already! Can you please stop stocking your dollar spot for a few weeks? I need to be able to run in and buy essentials like paper towels and laundry detergent (ok, fine...diet coke and cheez-its) without getting sidetracked and spending my entire paycheck in the dollar spot.
Yours truly,

I don't know about you guys, but the stuff in my Target's dollar spot just keeps getting better and better. I can't resist it! I scored 3 tabletop pocket charts-they are double sided and one side even has a little dry erase board at the top! I also picked up some number and letter puzzles, flashcards, and stickers (at this price who cares if the kids destroy them after a few months). One of my favorite finds are the cute little erasers-crayons, popsicles, and ice cream cones! Those have math manipulatives written all over them. Add a matching math mat and you have an instant math work station where kids can use the erasers to practice counting, adding, or subtracting. If you bought enough the kids could even make patterns with them (and yes I totally bought several packs!).

I just had to have these little baskets too-at 4 for a dollar they were the perfect price. They're actually a great size to hold all sorts of little things. I plan on keeping a set of them on my guided reading table so that each child will have a basket already stocked with whatever they need for that day's lesson (dry erase marker, eraser, magnetic letters, etc.). That should be a real time saver and help keep my reading table organized! I also thought these little baskets would be the perfect size for holding the cute letter and number stamps I got last time I was at Target. They'd probably even fit a little mini stamp pad in there with the stamps (although this kinder teacher much prefers stamping in play-doh instead of ink!).

My last Target find of the day was actually not even in the dollar spot. My students have destroyed several cheap little rolling pins in our play-doh center so when I saw this sturdy looking alligator rolling pin in the kitchen section (for $4) I knew I had to have it. Hopefully this darling rolling pin can handle some serious play-doh action this year!
To see some of my other posts about Target and some games I've created using my Target finds, click here, here, or here! Perhaps I need to change the name of this blog to Keen on Target!

Happy shopping!


  1. Love this post!
    You may not want to read my the post I'm planning about the things I found tonight! Hoping to blog about it tomorrow.

  2. My Target had a very very few back to school things last time I was there. I really want a couple of the table top pocket charts! I hope my Target gets some or I will be sad!

  3. First off LOVE target and all the goodies but i too can't go in with out looking at the $ bins! Second Diet Coke & Cheez it's = happiness! Thanks for sharing now i need to go to Target again :)

  4. I love how you used the little bins to house the abc stamps! What a great idea!! Thanks for linking up :)


  5. I agree - I've found some AMAZING things in the dollar spot!! I'm so jealous you found tabletop pocket charts! I've been wanting one and I didn't see one at my Target. Guess I'll have to go look again!!

  6. Diet Coke & Cheeze-it love. Also, send me gifts from your Target since mine has been severely picked-thru. :-(